Quad Cities Criterium Host Housing

We are adding a new feature that will hopefully attract more race teams. In conjunction with the Melon City Criterium in Muscatine, we are looking for host families to house both men and women racers who will travel to Iowa in May for one or two days of bike racing. Host families would house racers on Sunday, for our local Criterium and if possible, on Saturday, for the Muscatine race.

What does being a Host Family entail? We ask you to provide:

Note: You are NOT expected to provide food or transportation.

John and I hosted 4 young male riders from the Midwest in 2015 and they were great guests. They were able to eat dinner with us a couple of times and we got to hear the inside scoop on their riding experiences as well as team racing tactics. Because they were "our team", we went to their race in Muscatine that Sunday to cheer them on and of course we supported them at our Criterium on Monday.

Many racing teams have a very small budget so providing housing relieves them of a big expense. Please consider being a host family and ask your neighbors if they would like to host as well. This will allow teams to stay in the same local area.

Please contact Janette Harrington at jkhjwh@gmail.com, 563-343-0464.

To All Racers competing in the Kwik Star Criterium on Memorial Day:

We have a host housing program for Mens Pro/1/2 and Womens Pro/1/2/3 teams. If your team is registered for the Kwik Star Criterium, we can provide a home for your team for the weekend.

You will need to fill out the following questionnaire and return to Janette Harrington.

Race Team Questionnaire
What is expected of racers who use host housting

Janette Harrington