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Kwik Star Criterium
Presented by
The Quad Cities Bicycle Club
Memorial Day, May 29, 2023
Event Start
Length Entry Fee On-Site
Entry Fee
Juniors 9-12, 13-14 * 9:00 am 3/Prizes 15 min $15 $25 50
Juniors 15-16, 17-18 ** 9:30 am 5/Prizes 20 min $15 $25 75
Masters 50+ 10:00 am 10/$300 25 min $30 $40 100
Womens Cat 3/4 10:35 am 10/$300 25 min $25 $35 100
Masters 40+ 11:10 am 10/$300 30 min $30 $40 100
Womens Cat 5 11:50 am 3/Prizes 20 min $20 $30 75
Mens Cat 5 12:15 pm 3/Prizes 20 min $20 $30 75
Mens Cat 4 1:00 pm 10/$400 25 min $25 $35 100
Rudy's Tacos
Mens Cat 3
1:35 pm 15/$500 30 min $30 $40 100
Kimberly Crest Vet
Womens Pro/Cat 1/2/3
2:15 pm 15/$4000 40 min $40 $50 100
Koehler Electric
Kids Race (ages 3-10)
3:10 pm Medals/
Ice Cream
200 yds Free! Free! No Limit
Jerry and Sparky's
3:40 pm Pride/
2 Laps Free! Free! No Limit
Running Wild Mile 4:00 pm $600 prize pool/
Presentation of Donation to The Final Salute 4:15 pm /
Mens Pro/Cat 1/2
4:20 pm 15/$4000 75 min $45 $55 150
*  RDRS Junior 9-12, 13-14
**  RDRS Junior 15-16, 17-18

Race Information


Challenging course with 90 feet of elevation gain per lap with exciting Village of East Davenport Start/Finish and neighborhood hill climb section.

2214 East 11th Street, Davenport, IA 52803

Technical Guide

Snake Alley Criterium
May 27, 2023
Burlington, Iowa
Organized by Bike Burlington Inc.
Melon City Criterium
May 28, 2023
Muscatine, Iowa
Organized by Melon City Bike Club
Kwik Star Criterium
May 29, 2023
Davenport, Iowa
Organized by Quad Cities Bicycle Club

Daily Rider Sign-in: Every racer must sign in at each race. Please see individual race flyers for when registration opens/closes. Sign-in will take place at registration where you will pick up a new bib number for each event. Note that if a rider has signed in and does not start the race, they will receive a DNF unless they have notified an official, or registration.

Call-Ups: Please check the start list at sign in to see if you will be called up during introductions (yellow highlight on sign-in sheets) and position yourself accordingly. Additional Call ups may be added by each event organizer after riders have completed sign-in.

Order of Staging:

Snake Alley Criterium - Staging will be based on Order of Registration, bib number sequence, with call up riders being placed at the front of the field. The staging area will be marked with signs reading "Staging Line" on the fences and with tape on the road or a retaining rope.

Melon City Criterium & Quad City Criterium - The staging area will be marked with signs reading "Staging Line" on the fences and with tape on the road or a retaining rope. Riders not receiving call-ups MUST line up behind the staging line, no organized staging sequence for these races.

Race Directors:
Snake Alley Criterium Newt Colburn
Melon City Criterium Gregory Harper
Quad City Criterium Tom Schuler